Supa Klub

Made by a food and natural wine enthusiast.

‌Supa Klub started as a bday present during lockdown. Since we weren't able to go to restaurants, I turned our living room into one for 3 days. From morning till night. For us and for the few friends, we saw in person at that time. Since I really had a lot of fun, I thought: Hey, why not turn that into small events? Why not do a supper club in our living room?

So I started this website as a research platform, I started to do little test kitchen sessions with friends, I started to stalk a lot of people and restaurants that inspire me and I started to think about what I find a supper club should be like from my pov and what's my take on it (especially since I'm not a trained chef and I don't have any gastro experience).

What I haven't started (yet) is actually holding events, since the time I can devote to this project is quite limited. And ofc because while I'm pretty good at telling others that not everything has to be perfect from the start, I'm extremely bad at acting on that advice myself.

If that ever changes, you'll hear about it here or here. I promise.

  1. Conceptualizing a supper club

    • Call awareness that every encounter is a once in a lifetime event. The menu should reflect where, when and with whom we are
    • Think ingredient first to be as seasonal and regional as possible
    • Empty space (both physical and social) is as important as taken space
    • I want Supa Klub to feel like having dinner at a friends place. But I don't want the food the feel the same. I want it to feel one step further in the direction of a gastronomic experience
    • Since I'm lacking a lot of experience when it comes to cooking, my perspective on a supper club is (A) I just want to be a host and give people a good time. (B) I need a reason to occupy myself with cooking 24/7.
  1. In season now

    1. Vegetables

      1. Artichoke
      2. Beetroot
      3. Bell pepper
      4. Broccoli
      5. Carrot
      6. Cauliflower
      7. Celeriac
      8. Chanterelle mushroom
      9. Chard
      10. Chinese cabbage
      11. Corn
      12. Courgette
      13. Cucumber
      14. Egg plant
      15. Fennel
      16. Green bean
      17. Leek
      18. Mushrooms
      19. Onion
      20. Pak choi
      21. Parsnip
      22. Pointed cabbage
      23. Porcini mushrooms
      24. Potato
      25. Radish
      26. Red cabbage
      27. Savoy cabbage
      28. Scallion
      29. Shallot
      30. Spinach
      31. Squash
      32. Sweet potato
      33. Tomato
      34. White cabbage
    2. Fruits and nuts

      1. Apple
      2. Blackberry
      3. Blueberry
      4. Chestnut
      5. Damson
      6. Grapes
      7. Hazelnut
      8. Mirabelle
      9. Nectarine
      10. Peach
      11. Pear
      12. Plum
      13. Raspberry
      14. Walnut
    3. Lettuces and herbs

      1. Basil
      2. Chervil
      3. Chives
      4. Cress
      5. Dill
      6. Endive
      7. Iceberg lettuce
      8. Lettuce
      9. Lollo Rosso
      10. Marjoram
      11. Mint
      12. Oregano
      13. Parsley
      14. Radicchio
      15. Rocket
      16. Romana lettuce
      17. Rosmary
      18. Tarragon
      19. Thyme
  1. Low intervention /raw /natural

    1. Punkovino 1/10: Batman Poo
    2. Punkovino 2/10: Underground Collective
    3. Punkovino 3/10: The Pirate of Mallorca
    4. Punkovino 4/10: No God, no boss, no sulfates
    5. Punkovino 5/10: Raf's Wine
    6. Punkovino 6/10: Gogo Wine From Georgia
    7. Punkovino 7/10: Wine is not dead
    8. Punkovino 8/10: The Belgian UFO
    9. Punkovino 9/10: Volcanic Wine
    10. Punkovino 10/10: Riot Girl
    11. Isabelle Legeron | Lessons From The 'Natural Wine' Movement
    12. My Dearest Vineyard #1 - JOAN RUBIÓ
    13. My Dearest Vineyard #2 - ERIK ROSDAHL
    14. My Dearest Vineyard #3 - PARTIDA CREUS
    15. My Dearest Vineyard #4 - ESENCIA RURAL
    16. My Dearest Vineyard #5 - ESMERALDA GARCIA
    17. Meet the Maker : Anders Frederik Steen
    18. Wagnis Naturwein: Winzer Michael Völker aus Kitzingen | Zwischen Spessart und Karwendel | BR
    19. Action Bronson Drinks France's Top Natural Wine - From Paris with Love (Part 1)
    20. Action Bronson Eats & Drinks France's Best Food & Wine - From Paris with Love (Part Deux)
    21. Action Bronson Drinks Through Rural France - From Paris with Love (Part 3)
    22. Knochenjob Weinernte: Wie hart ist der Winzer-Job? | Galileo testet Berufe | ProSieben
    23. Fuck, That's Delicious! - A Spanish Wine Tour
    24. Natural Wines With Clovis (Episode 1) with Action Bronson, Alchemist (like F*ck That's Delicious!)
    25. Natural Wines With Clovis (Episode 2) like F*ck That's Delicious!
    26. Natural Wines With Clovis (Episode 3)
    27. Natural Wines With Clovis (Episode 4) like F*ck That's Delicious!
    28. Natural Wines With Clovis (Episode 5) like F*ck That's Delicious!
    29. Natural Wines With Clovis (Episode 6) like F*ck That's Delicious!
    30. The Wine Magician
    31. SLOW WINE DOKU - Orange Wines & Natural Wines mit Egon Berger
    32. Frankreichs Winzer - Tradition trifft Passion
    33. PIERRE OVERNOY | A Natural Wine Legend from Jura
    34. Skin Contact: Development of an Orange Taste
    35. Didier Grappe | A different approach in Jura
    36. Domaine de l'Octavin | Alice Bouvot
  1. Chef's night out



    • Piementos de padron /saffron aioli
    • Ricotta Ravioli /butter, thyme, dashi, lime juice, lime zest /bottarga
  1. What the hell am I supposed to do with

    An empty pizza 6

    1. Tomatoes /tomato sauce /basil oil /crunchy capers /anchovis /fried basil leaves (Franco Pepe's Ritrovata)
    2. Fried dough /grana padano cream /anchovis /lemon zest /chilli powder (Franco Pepe's Accugrana)
    3. Garlic oil /mozzarella di bufala /lime juice /black pepper /bresaola /sesame /lime zest (Franco Pepe's La Bufala Profumata)
    4. Fior di latte /salsiccia /scamorza /olive oil /oregano /wild lettuce (Franco Pepe's La Riccio Nero)
    5. Onion creme /tuna filet /mozzarella di bufala /sellery (Franco Pepe's Tuna)
    6. San Marzano tomatoes /mozzarella di bufala /scamorza /ricotta /crunchy capers /egg plant /garlic /sesame

    An empty tortilla 1

    1. Young jackfriut /mole poblano /pickled red onions /feta cheese /chipotle mayo /cilantro

    Artichokes 2

    1. Grilled artichoke /figs /caramelized walnut /schallott /chives
    2. Whole cooked artichokes /lemon-herb dip /fermented schallots

    Asparagus 1

    1. White and green asparagus /miso hollondaise /baby potatoes /roasted scallion greens and whites /ponzu gelé

    Beurre noisette 3

    1. Comté /grated hazelnut /brown butter
    2. Whipped brown butter
    3. Testaroli /parm /basil /brown butter

    Brussel sprouts 1

    1. Roasted with pancetta /salted hazelnuts and/or pistachios /balsamic vinaigrette

    Burrata or ricotta 4

    1. Lemon zest/ olive oil
    2. Anchovies /olive oil
    3. Cayenne pepper /garlic fermented honey /maldon salt
    4. Crunchy capers

    Butter 3

    1. Beurre noisette
    2. Dried tomatoes /capers
    3. Miso

    Cauliflower 1

    1. Steamed cauliflower /white wine marinated salt capers /dill /mussels /cress

    Egg plant 1

    1. Egg plant /caramelized kimchi /lemon tahini sauce /nori salt

    Grapes 3

    1. Red grapes /fennel /aceto balsamico /tempura sage
    2. Green grapes /saliccia /red wine (Salsicce all’uva)
    3. Goat cheese /red grapes /dill /pistachios

    Grilled lettuce or cabbage 3

    1. Grilled lettuce or cabbage /baby potatoes /roasted water melon /chile mayo
    2. Grilled lettuce or cabbage /ras el hanut tomatoes /yoghurt /red onions
    3. Grilled lettuce or cabbage /harrissa /macadamia /garlic fermented honey

    Melon 1

    1. Cantaloup melon /cucumber /honey-jalapeño vinaigrette /pistachios

    Mussels 1

    1. Smoked blue mussels /spring onion and cress /pickled red onion /kewpie mayo /grilled lemon

    Pasta 2

    1. Pasta /emulsified lime n garlic butter /chile flakes /parm /bottarga
    2. Spaghetti /red wine sauce (Spaghetti ubriachi)

    Red cabbage 1

    1. Fermented red cabbage /rainbow trout /apple /chives

    Risotto 1

    1. Wasabi-Risotto /grilled salmon /miso foam /grilled pak choi

    Sunchokes 1

    1. Roasted sunchokes /walnut /salty lemon vinaigrette


  1. Ae (和え)
  2. Amba
  3. Asian sauces
  4. Basic risotto
  5. Big Has Bread n Butter Pickles
  6. Carbonara
  7. Coffee
  8. Corn tortillas
  9. Crema al Parmigiano
  10. Dashi
  11. Frascarelli
  12. French toast
  13. Gaeng kua sapparod
  14. Homemade ricotta
  15. Matcha pancakes
  16. Mole Poblano
  17. Neapolitan pizza dough
  18. Quick spicy miso tantanmen
  19. Rice
  20. Schug
  21. Smooth Hummus
  22. Tahdig & Sabzi Polo
  23. Tatar
  24. Testaroli
  1. WAF 10

    1. Sourdough bread /vegan dried tomato caper butter
    2. Green, black and kalamata olives /dried tomatos /caperberries
    3. Pea and ginger soup /roasted coriander bread
    4. Artichoke /lemon-herb dip /fermented schallots
    5. Zucchini and radicchio sandwhiches /roasted walnut pesto
    6. Mushroom spinach risotto
Massive love and respect for Ancestrale, Atelier September, Christoph Cyll, Copenhagen Food Collective, Frederik Bille Brahe, Herrlich Dining, Klinker, Klinkerbar, La Banchina, Mati Pichci, Mikkel Karstad, Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Noma, Pompette, Shemesh Kitchen, The Lab Kitchen, Uri Triest and Vin Vin.